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Hello, This Is New World Roleplay Team

Please Take a Screenshot of your  /stats in game if you wish to be refunded back with your old stats .Becsuase we are resetting all registered accounts soon.


Guide to take a screenshot

1.Go in game Login and type "/stats"                    

2.The press F8 key on your key board you will see a text like this Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-xxx.png                    

3.Go to your "My Documents" Folder and locate "GTA San Andreas User Files"

4.Enter the folder and Search for "SAMP" Folder                    

5.Enter the folder and you will see "screens" Folder                    

6.Enter that folder and you will find your Picture

New World Roleplay Team


 "Assassin's Creed" Gang Application

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"Assassin's Creed" Gang Application Empty
PostSubject: "Assassin's Creed" Gang Application   "Assassin's Creed" Gang Application I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2012 7:00 pm

Application of Family/Gang Creation

1* Gender:Male
2* Surname: :Hong
3* Forename: :Johnny
4* Age: :22
5* Date of Birth:02/03/1990
6* Area of Residence: :Santa Maria Beach
7*Cellphone Number: :-35

1* Forename: :Johnny
2* Age: :13
3* Year of Birth: :1999
5* Gender: :Male
6* Timezone: :+7 GMT
7* In-Game Level: : 4
8* Past Roleplay Experience: : 2 years RP experience
9* How Much Time Do You Play On The Server In A Day:about 1-5 hours per day
10*Are You Willing To Obey The Rules: :yes

(Family Information)

Name Of Your Family/Gang: : Assassin's Creed
What Family Slot Do You Request: : Slot 20
Where Do You Want Your HQ: : Santa Maria Beach
Bio Of You Family/Gang : : a small weak group do secret thing,and become popular in 2010 when killed Los Santos Mayor,from that day,that group have more members and become a gang.Start from racing,then to dealing drugs,and selling gun,and kill or kidnap peopl,cop for money,the gang become stronger every day,the gang controling all of Santa Maria Beach and a part of Vehora Beach
What Does Your Family/Gang Do ?: :: Racing,Drug Dealing,Selling Gun,Kill Cop,Kidnap,Rob Bank
What Cars Do You Request For Your Family?: :2 Chetah,2 Flash,2 Sultan,2 NRG-500,2 Jester, 2 Super GT,2 Squallo,1 Limo,1 Maverich
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"Assassin's Creed" Gang Application
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