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Hello, This Is New World Roleplay Team

Please Take a Screenshot of your  /stats in game if you wish to be refunded back with your old stats .Becsuase we are resetting all registered accounts soon.


Guide to take a screenshot

1.Go in game Login and type "/stats"                    

2.The press F8 key on your key board you will see a text like this Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-xxx.png                    

3.Go to your "My Documents" Folder and locate "GTA San Andreas User Files"

4.Enter the folder and Search for "SAMP" Folder                    

5.Enter the folder and you will see "screens" Folder                    

6.Enter that folder and you will find your Picture

New World Roleplay Team

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 Army Air Force Leader Apply..

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PostSubject: Army Air Force Leader Apply..   Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:38 am

I Want be National Guard Air Force Leader

NG- In Game Name

1* Gender: male
2* Surname: :Noaman
3* Forename: :Higazy
4* Age: : 22
5* Date of Birth: 4/7/1990
6* Area of Residence: : Los Santos
7*Cellphone Number: : -1111
8* Have You Been Imprisoned Or Incarcerated For A Criminal Offense: : No
9* Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: : Yes
10* Are you currently in employment?: F.B.I Leader
11* Are you Vip: Yes Golden Vip
12* Why you think we accept you: Iam so Active iam telling my friends to come server

1* Forename: :No3man Higazy
2* Age: :13
3* Year of Birth: :1999
5* Gender: :male
6* Timezone: :
7* In-Game Level: : 7
8* Past Roleplay Experience: :yes
9* How Much Time Do You Play On The Server In A Day: 2hours+ Iam in school study
10*Are You Willing To Obey The Rules: : Yes,sure

Who want to talk to me No3man_elcool on skype afro

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Army Air Force Leader Apply..
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